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released August 20, 2015


BIG THANX to our friends in 1972andesflightdisaster, Bad Break Records, Structures//Agony Records, Recluse, Left Astray, VRIL, Fist Benders, Cry The Monarch, Kinda Rad Kinda Sad, Don Quixote, Ostraca, La Luna, Cabin Fire, Flowers Taped To Pens, Che Cafe, Bridgetown DIY, Blood Orange Info Shop, The Dial, and Manny! and anyone else who has let us play their space, sleep on their floor, or has helped us in any way!



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All My Wishes Were Thrown Down a Well and Should Die There San Diego, California

Ian, Jerrin, PJ, Jon

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Track Name: Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark
One day this will all end we’ll go back to our middle wage jobs and count as the seconds become years, write poems about what could have been and throw pennies in the shopping malls fountain and cant help but wish the tiles beneath our feet become the ledge we cast ourselves off in pursuit of a solution to our problems, birds singing just to hear them selves speak over the sound of scripture and funeral playlist, caskets lowered to the beat of our relatives hearts and fireflies fill the new graves sky

Paint peeling from the decay of abandoned houses
Dust builds on shelves that use to be filled
Screams of joy and pain still echo the empty halls
and sights of folks that use to walk on these floors are rumored to be seen

It hurts
to be
out of body
and no one can see you
or hear your voice

We choose the love think we deserve but settling for less has left scars and im not afraid of the dark but im afraid of fucking up or missing the path i should have taken even if the other one is faster everyone says i have a whole life ahead of me but the tunnel looks shorter and shorter the more i think about it and the more i dream about it and i might as well hammer a nail into the coffin and call it a day

Death seems like a safe route
and I"ll fantasize about it till im gone